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About Us

Two Dogs at Villa La Beast

At Villa La Beast we are 501c3, non-profit, large dog breed and animal rescue based in Prosperity, SC.

Our main goal is to provide a short to long term home for animals in need. We have a five-acre, fenced in property where the dogs can roam freely. We do not believe in keeping each animal in individual kennels and locking them up throughout the day, so all dogs have full reign of the home and outdoors as they please.

While we do have individual kennels and separate enclosures, they are only used to separate aggressive behaviors, in order for our safety and the safety of themselves and other animals. Other animals on the property include a mini Shetland pony, a mini cow, pigs, goats, chickens and peacocks. These animals are here not only to sustain this small farm, but to give these dogs a job to do (protecting and guarding the herd) in order to get them to the right farmer out there.

Our organization is fully funded through donations and self-sustainment and we are always looking for community partners. If you have any interest in supporting our cause, donate or contact us today.

About Our Founder

While Steve Spears is the Top Dog of Villa La Beast, there would be no villa without the original beast, Harvey.

Steve is a 12-year US Army Veteran, Georgia native, plumber by trade, and animal lover by heart. December 2018, Steve picked Harvey up from a farm in GA and the two were off to South Carolina, to purchase a piece of land and get to work! While working full time he has slowly been transforming this overgrown jungle into an animal’s paradise, with Harvey’s approval every step of the way.

Realizing how much he enjoys working outside and giving these animals the life and love they all deserve he started Villa La Beast. Which is to give these big guys and gals a home and job of their own.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

"To protect and advocate for animals in need, while strengthening the human-animal bond”

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Get Involved

We are always interested in getting together and building a community with other animal lovers and farmers in the area. One of the best ways to help support is to donate, which helps us provide food and shelter to these amazing animals.

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