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Adopting Vs Buying

While it goes without saying adopting or buying a dog is a lifelong commitment, the benefits of adopting an animal in need outweighs the “perfection” of a bred dog for sale. By adopting you are saving more than just that one animal. You are making space for another dog in need to find their forever home. What you will see of most dogs that are sold from breeders, they are confined into small spaces and not always given the best Veterinarian care. Shelters and rescues are all made up of people and professionals who love and care for animals and only want to see them succeed in life. Here at our rescue, we are all about giving these beasts the space and freedom they deserve to become the best guardians out there.

Is A Large Breed Dog Right For You?

There are many factors to take in to account when finding the perfect pet for you and your family, but even more so when bringing a large breed dog into the mix. While these larger-than-life animals grow rapidly, they stay in their puppy stage for a lot longer time period than typical breeds. They are continuously growing and need the right diet to ensure healthy growing joints and hips. Which also means they need ample space to run around and keep those joints moving. Although they are truly gentle giants, they can get carried away and need a firm handler who can keep a routine. Do you have what it takes to handle a large beast! 


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"To protect and advocate for animals in need, while strengthening the human-animal bond”

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We are always interested in getting together and building a community with other animal lovers and farmers in the area. One of the best ways to help support is to donate, which helps us provide food and shelter to these amazing animals.

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